Go and See Fund - Puzzle

7th August 2016 at Zoo Pleasance

This bright and buzzing show for babies was created by Lithuanian company Dansema Dance Theatre. There was a sense of excited anticipation as the audience, young and old, entered the space: seating on three sides looked onto the stage floor where many big, soft, 3D shapes lay. Are they sculptures? Or toys perhaps? Then, the tinkling music began and slowly the shapes began to come to life. 

The performance was carried out by three talented dancers in zip up playsuits: one red, one green and one orange. These colours corresponded with the big, 3D shapes which were rolled, stacked, bounced and worn by the dancers. The way in which these shapes came together in different combinations and formations was ingenious: like a living puzzle. Each movement the dancers made was filled with joy and their playful interaction with the audience was constant throughout.

Coming from a design background, it was interesting to think how the costume and props are the crux of this show. The entire concept relies on colour, shape and movement coming together to stimulate young imaginations and it seemed to me that the babies were suitably fascinated. 

My only thought for improvement would be that the show would benefit from live music to allow for more freedom and add a little bit of human touch. I understand that this is not always possible but it felt to me like it would suit the flavour of the performance. 

In summary, the simple colour palette and shapes combined with exuberant movement created a mesmerising visual experience, somewhat like a kinetic pop art painting. For thirty minutes I was transported to babyhood, allowing myself to just sit back and enjoy the dancing colours.

Throwing some shapes.

Throwing some shapes.