Drag Queens Appeal to All Ages

In May my pals Hamish, Rose and I embarked on an epic quest to embody drag queens. We did so though the art of sock puppetry - it was the only way. Together, we created the trailblazing troupe that is Chaussettes Chanteuses (Singing Socks) and we lip-synced for our lives at the Edinburgh International Children's Festival Opening Weekend. With our noble steed, A Pushchair Named Desire, we whizzed around the National Museum of Scotland performing such classics as Dancing Queen, Vogue and I Will Survive.

A wee soupçon of our performance at the Edinburgh International Children's Festival in May 2017.

So, we were popular with the kids but, could we make it in the world of ADULT CABARET? 

Yes, yes we could. During the Fringe, we all rolled along to Pollyanna Queer Cabaret at Paradise Palms and went down as sweetly as a free cocktail. A simply superb evening which truly proved that everybody loves puppets.