Recently I put myself up for a performance at the Edinburgh Student Arts Festival and a couple of scratch nights with this silly idea called Transpire. It involved me shuffling about on my knees with compromised vision, trying to manipulate a puppet with no limbs and simultaneously, possibly, convey a deep message about mental health.

A wordless performance about finding the courage to explore new places and try new things - featuring a curious puppet and a mysterious cloaked figure who do not always see eye to eye. 

Bob is only just discovering the wonders of our world – the colours, textures, sounds and shapes. He thinks they are truly marvellous. But his companion has forgotten how magnificent the world can be and is afraid to look beyond her cloak. Can Bob convince her to emerge?

I'm not sure I pulled it off but it has certainly been a valuable experience. Bits of feedback are dribbling in now and it is utterly fascinating to read the myriad of ways people responded and interpreted the piece. I'm not sure there is much longevity in the Transpire concept but it has helped me get over a first hurdle of sorts as I try and pretend I can perform a bit. 

I am sincerely grateful to ESAFOnly Skin and Surge for welcoming me into their folds.