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Puppets and stuff

I'm sorry if you find them creepy but I think puppets are brilliant. I like to make and perform with puppets and other stuff. Please have a wee look!


This is Carmen, a marionette I made at Puppets in Prague. She is based on the flamenco dancer, Carmen Amaya.


Gary is a tabletop rod puppet I started whilst at the Curious School of Puppetry.


I practiced my carving during lockdown by creating these avocado stone heads.



Ada is a small tabletop puppet I made for The Keeper by Tragic Carpet at Hidden Door Festival 2018. Photo credit: Chris Scott.


Bob is a puppet I made for the scratch performance Transpire. His key skills are eating beads and bells and picking up hoops with his tail.

Ray Gun

This is a prop I made on the two week MAKE course with Scenehouse, Edinburgh.

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